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Ananova says that some guy made a RealDoll with internal heaters and a fake heart. They say it's on sale already, but I can't find any other reference to this that doesn't point back there, so this may be a pack of lies. No pictures, as per usual.

The Germanic Engrish on the site is pretty fine reading, too:

"She has been adapted anatomically to the male member and allows by his design a multiplicity of fantastic positions. She can be placed precisely on the significant zones, surfaces thus in contact are massed... In the position of the rider, it moves around the nipple to stimulate it slowly."

"She sees, certainly like an evil conspicuous, but she distinguishes the forms, can recognize a person or an object and can learn how to be seized some for your greater pleasure. The object of its attention moves, she follows her eyes until get. That is realizable because of the last developments of the electronics-optics and the software of recognition and memorizings of forms."

Also, this:


(full version)

Update 2: At last! A quadruple-amputee RealDoll! If only she had a removable glass eye...

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52 Responses:

  1. nester says:

    wow. just, wow.

  2. jabber says:

    Oh be fair. That's not a sex doll, it's a geriatric care-taker training sim.

    Isn't it?

  3. azul_ros says:

    That last image is frightening & priceless!!

  4. I believe this is the site. Here are videos of the doll in action:


    [Found via the discussion thread on]

  5. xed_geek says:

    What is that? An old lady doll? Weird people I tell you, just weird.

  6. niftybitch says:

    Ha! Love it.

  7. fantasygoat says:

    Maybe put one of those in the bathroom to watch the taggers.

  8. Could you please LJ-cut those photos? For those of us who use public computers, an Lj-cut in this specific instance would be nice. Thanks so much!


  9. greatbiggary says:

    Here are some that are between the poucette and lilippupe sizes. I don't know if they're anatomical, but you can always operate.

    • roninspoon says:

      Finally, a sex doll that looks like my neighbor's preteen daughter. Now I can finally appease the demands of the voices from the comfort of my own home without worrying about legal ramifications.

  10. nattielove says:

    this is quite funny, I must say.

  11. wfaulk says:

    Does the RealDoll come with optional Julian Sands doll? Or a box?

  12. batmite2000 says:

    The centaur is just like one of the alien races in John Varley's Titan trilogy.... Including the genitalia! yay!

  13. bitpuddle says:

    I'm not sure where these people are from, but is it really that difficult to get a hand job from a real person? Or to stick a finger in an old person's ass?

    I mean, really.

  14. violentbloom says:

    I think you need to get out more.

  15. spider88 says:

    I can't believe they even named her Helena. Christ.

  16. chaobell says:

    I was kind of squicked by this until I got to the website and saw the thing about "THE WORLDS BIGGEST BLOOBS." And then I died laughing.

  17. ammonoid says:

    I am both frightened and amused. But at least he referenced Metropolis! How cool is that.

  18. moof says:

    I hope to see something like on the wall at the DNA soon.

  19. naturalborn says:

    If a machine arm gives an electronic dildo a hand job, do they ... oh never mind.