Sprint PictureMail Post

HASH(0x97e3854) <lj-cut text='1 image'>

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  1. How do you take pictures of people in public places(especially with a crappy camera phone) without them thinking you're a real dork?

  2. violentbloom says:

    hurmph I see you go to dinner at mecca and don't invite me! :(

  3. White people with faux dreaded hair are soooooooooo 1985.
    I suppose the next one in this sequence will be with yarn weaved in ala 1989?

  4. kosai says:

    Q. How many OO Perl programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
    A. HASH(0x97e3854)

    - C.

  5. mhagler says:

    are you scraping the picture off of the email from sprint? my friend has a sprint phone and says they crappily compress the image before emailing it, and the photos look better if you get them from the sprint vision web site thingy, so he wrote a scraper in perl

    Does sprint include a ton of HTML awfulness in the body of the email? I had to write a perl parser for my cingular picture phone since they recently decided to turn the email into HTML cingular propaganda with my picture embedded. it bugs me that they say "(c) 2005 Cingular Wireless" on the emails that i sent that contain the photo that I took.

    • jwz says:

      I'm not doing it, LJ is.

      The HTML mail that Sprint sends out telling you that there's a picture contains a block of XML inside an HTML comment that's pretty easy to parse. It includes a link to the image on Sprint's site, and also a link to a WAV of any audio attachments (though LJ isn't doing anything with that yet.)

      • mhagler says:

        ahh, that's slick. i didnt know LJ was handling picture posts directly.

        i use flickr to receive the picture email and then flickr makes a post into <lj user=photomark>... i tried to get LJ syndication to handle the RSS feed from flickr but they only check every 10 minutes or so, so on a busy photo day i end up with clumps of pictures on LJ that I didn't like so much.

        i feel so trendy now that i have a photo blog.