Let there be no more talk of popes.
The only pope of any relevance was a furry.

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12 Responses:

  1. lograh says:

    cerebus rawks.

  2. fantasygoat says:

    If he was the Pope I'd convert.

  3. lol - you also are absolved from getting punched :D

  4. kallisti says:

    That's Pope Earth Pig to you!

  5. Cerebus!! Awesome!!

  6. andrewducker says:

    Best Pope Ever

  7. loosechanj says:

    What about anti-popes?

    • jesus_x says:

      If we showed him to you he wouldn't be very anti, now would he?

      • loosechanj says:

        What I want to know is, if you took an anti-pope and threw him at a pope with enough force, would they mutually annihilate? And would the energy produced be enough to power a large city for any period of time?

        • jesus_x says:

          Possibly. There are two possibilities. You could have a large amount of energy liberated, such as with standard matter-antimatter reactions, or you could wind up with a 0 sum outcome, such as if the pope and antipope in question were virtual pope-pairs. If it's the latter, then you would not be able to run a city, but if you threw the antipopes from trillions of pope-pairs into a black hole then you could evaporate the black hole into mothing. Of course, then you'd have a huge pile of extra popes. Then you'd have to deal with storing them.

        • pete23 says:



          i'm shockingly unoriginal. haven't heard the highlander theory yet though, maybe there's still hope for me.

  8. solios says:

    Well, after a quick google and hours and hours and HOURS AND HOURS of reading Dave Sim interviews and Cerebus fansites over the course of the weekend, I'll be starting off on the series with my next paycheck.