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  1. niltsiar says:

    jwz is working for the CIA and broadcasting numbers stations to livejournal? Are those black helicopters flying over my house?

  2. solarbird says:


  3. tkil says:

    Ok, since there's not a "transcribe" button, and I'm missing the Cosmic Import of this message, here we go:

    Ready Ready
    1 8 3 8 2
    Ready Ready

    • niltsiar says:

      It's from a Numbers Station, supposedly the various intelligence agencies around the world broadcast over shortwave radio streams of seemingly random numbers as a way to communicate with their in place agents around the world.

      The "Ready Ready" numbers station is given the code E1, by the Enigma project.

  4. bdu says:

    vun, too, thtee ah ah ah!

  5. deathboy says:

    breaker breaker, charlie foxtrot sierra teakettle barbeque, over!

  6. baconmonkey says:

    "what is the number of times JWZ has recompiled the kernel?"
    -"no that is incorrect"
    "What is the number of stupid, unrelated, psychotic responses JWZ's Lazyweb queries have generated?"
    -"That is correct"
    "I'll take 'Why the Internet Sucks' for $400, please"

  7. valentwine says:

    This is your attack profile: to insure that the enemy cannot monitor voice transmission or plant false transmission, the CRM114 is to be switched into all the receiver circuits. Emergency phase code prefix is to be set on the dials of the CRM. This'll block any transmission other than those preceded by code prefix. Stand by to set code prefix.

  8. vxo says:

    I always thought Papa November was cooler, for the strange flute music. Just a nifty childhood memory now.

    Hexane, however, has done rather awesome things with numbers station audio, including PN. My, but if they used that as an interval signal...

  9. lohphat says:

    All These Worlds Are Yours, Except Europa. Attempt No Landing There.