I, for one, welcome our new robot camel-jockey overlords (part 2)

"Now, robot jockeys will solve all the troubles on the race tracks."

Last year I asked, "how could someone publish a story like this with no pictures?"

Well, finally, here's the picture.

You got a real pretty mouth, boy.


Update 2: More pix here.


9 Responses:

  1. jotunheim says:

    As good Muslims, I'm assuming that they're not gambling, right?

    • If they were good muslims, they presumably wouldn't be making depictions of humans(?)

      • Replying to my own post (how déclassé) after the update, it appears that "bag-head" is enough to make a statue non-human-depicting. Somehow, I think these folks are more into the letter of the law than the spirit.

  2. lizard_lord says:

    Now if there only were some pictures of the Octopus Incident to be found, I could sleep again at night...

  3. anaisdjuna says:

    You got a real pretty mouth boy... LOL!

    Better robots than their usual 3year olds they've stolen from Pakistan!

  4. gadlen says:

    You do realize that these are the first bold steps toward creating a cyborg camel.

    We should counter with some Snowcrash-style rat-things!

  5. It makes you wonder if that was the expression on the faces of the human riders, one long AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH...

  6. merovingian says:

    As a person of Arabic heritage, I object to the use of the term "camel jockey." Oh, wait, no, I guess it's spot on. What I mean to is, as a person of robotic heritage, I object to the use of the term "camel jockey." Actually, never mind.

  7. Everyone may not know this, but this is only model 'A' of the robotic jockey. Model 'B' will make its debut riding Star Jones' fat ass on ABC's hit daytime talk show 'The View'. Each episode, a randomly selected audience member will get to remote-control the whip. I know what show is going on my Tivo's season pass.