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Rotting Animal Parts Found in N.J. School

Discovery of a bag full of rotting animal parts hidden in the ceiling above the school lunchroom forced the closing of Voorhees High School on Monday.

Officials said the school would remain closed Tuesday to allow workers to sanitize the area and health inspectors to clear the cafeteria to serve food.

"An unusual odor led to the discovery of decomposing animal parts that had been surreptitiously placed in the drop ceiling," Lebanon Township police Patrolman Larry Campbell said.

The bag was found about 7:30 a.m. Monday; students were dismissed at 11:55. Police believe the bag was hidden over the weekend, Campbell said. He would not say what kind of animal the parts were from or how much was hidden.


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  1. pavel_lishin says:

    I aged milk for six months at my high school. I left it in a locker, and one day someone found it and kicked it open.

    Everyone scattered, except one girl, who slipped in it, fell, and threw up on herself, which triggered a small chain reaction.

    The whole school smelled like ... I can't even describe it, but it smelled that way EVERYWHERE, since the milk exploded in the very middle of the school. The smell lingered for a week.

    I was so proud! *wipes away tear*

    • evan says:

      i was running a wire at my high school above those ceiling panels and discovered a plastic bag. i was about to open it when <lj user="erik"> came running: "DON'T OPEN THAT BAG!" it was also food, planted years earlier. but thankfully the bag had been sealed.

    • xed_geek says:

      Priceless! Exactly why were you aging this to begin with?

      • pavel_lishin says:

        Good question - I'm not really sure! I think I'd done this a few times before, but only let it age about a month or so, and then would toss it up into the ceiling tiles from the bathroom, or if I was feeling particularly vindictive, I'd just drop it down the cinderblocks - their holes line up all the way to the ground, as far as I know.

        I still have some, you know. It's sitting in my parents' freezer. It must be at least three years old now, or maybe even four.

        I'm saving it for my 10 year reunion, I think.

    • injector says:

      I worked stage crew my junior and senior years of high school. During the first year one other guy and myself learned about dimmer packs, and rewired the remote lighting board--we were the brains. The rest of the crew all just sat around and chewed tobacco until something heavy needed to be moved--obviously the brawn. Early in the year the brawn selected a spittoon, a 3/4 gallon Gatorade bottle. At some point I heard them say they wanted to fill it before the end of the year. Three-quarters of a gallon of spit is a lot for 4 guys to produce. They failed in their attempt, only managing about 3 inches of fluid in the bottom of the container come summer time.

      School started back up again next fall, and the same crew found themselves reassembled. The muscle were still chewing and spitting. They used various cups until about the second week when digging through a back room they came across their bottle from the previous year. Thinking they would not be defeated for the second year, they went to resume the filling. Only when the first person went to spit--lets just say he spit up a bit more than he was expecting.

      Your milk beat them for coverage. The other two standing near by turned a little green, but held on to their cookies. I in the room next door didn't smell a thing. Remarkably most of the vomit was contained in the bottle. So they just re-capped it and placed it far back in the darkest corner they could find. And that, as far as I know, was that.

    • Yikes. Somehow a pint glass of milk ended up on top of the fridge at this house I used to live at. Naturally, my clutz roommate managed to spill the damn thing when he finally found it who knows how long later. I couldn't even be on the same floor as it for a few days.

  2. evan says:

    why does that url have &type=bondage on it?

  3. dosequis says:

    My sister is a teacher at Voorhees, and they are still searching for the culprit. She spent Tuesday at the beach enjoying her unscheduled day off and the unusually warm weather. One student was questioned, but he had a solid alibi. Unfortunately, the bag of animal parts did not contain a deer head as the rumors first said.

    On a side note, the patrolaman Larry Campbell is a real hard ass, and used to take pleasure in busting kids for drinking back while I was in high school.

    The Superintendent's message to parents.

  4. sarahshevett says:

    I graduated from Hunterdon Central, Isn't that near there?

  5. ammonoid says:

    Something like that happened at my college. We had been noticing the funny smell in the hall for weeks, but one night at like 11 pm someone called the fire department about it. I happened to be in the darkroom, listening to music on my headphones and never noticed the fire alarm going off. I eventually wandered outside, passing firemen in the hallway. They asked me about the smell, and I told them it had been around for days. I don't think anyone found out who called the fire department about the smelly hallway.

    The smell was eventually found to be squid used for dissection in the invertebrate zoology course that someone had thrown away in the wrong place. I feel sorry for whoever had to go in and retrieve them. The smell in the hallway, much removed from the source, was pretty foul.

    • pathwalker says:

      Something similar happened at my school, but the cause of the oder turned out to be a long dead student who became trapped in an old unused kitchen.

      If I remember - they decided that he crawled through an air duct, and couldn't get back out.

    • luserspaz says:

      A kid living in my dorm freshman year left a bunch of venison in his fridge over winter break. They unplugged his fridge while he was gone. There was quite a stink downstairs in the dorm.

    • invdaic says:

      In my high school a kid who worked at the local market managed to get a very large dead lobster, and left it in an unused locker. All the students knew it was there and actually put up with the stench for a few weeks while the faculty tried to figure out where it was coming from.

  6. loosechanj says:

    Do they hide bags with human remains to rot in the ceiling at the Uni?

  7. baconmonkey says:

    wasn't David back in that area not too long ago?
    I wonder if the animals were squirrels...

  8. shawnj says:

    Voorhees is a huge high school from what I remember of my fencing tournaments there. I wonder how far the smell drifted.

  9. rosefox says:

    "You gonna eat that?"

  10. painpillar says:

    My assumption is that this "bag of animal" Is not so much an animal as it is homosapien, although I have no clue, I don't think the Police would never Identify the animal unless they were trying to hide something to prevent panic. And why would you close the school for that? Unless an investigation was in order, I mean, We had a dead raccoon in our ceiling at school and no one closed anything. They just called animal control an closed off a small section of the school for decontamination. ::thinks:: I wonder....