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  1. damnit, i saw that kid photo on snopes and was allowed to hope for a second that it'd been digitally manipulated.


    • cvisors says:

      I have seen worse ones in regards to birth defects in vietnam.


      • snopes linked to another one. i think that's all i need to stare at for this particular moment.


        • 1eyedkunt says:

          remember the monster-kid i told you about who was in the ICN a couple years back? eyes just like that, but instead of the pointy head she had cauliflower-head. her skull hadn't come together properly and so she head was huge and lumpy and mushy-looking...like cauliflower. scary shit. she held on for a couple months i think - i felt really sorry for her parents - they were always wandering around with these sort of shell-shocked expressions on their faces.

          • oh, GOD. i forgot that you'd see this type of thing more than most.

            not exclusively an agent orange outcome, i guess!

            p.s. your feet smell

    • denshi says:

      My first guess was that it was a still from an Aphex Twin video.

    • mackys says:

      One single nucleotide in the wrong place does this to people. Fucking sad...

    • Looks a lot like hydrocephalus. I have a cousin who was born hydrocephalic. Severe brain damage and a host of other medical problems. It's witnessing her life, and more importantly, the effects it has had on my aunt and her other children's lives, that makes me really wish that we were more accepting of euthanasia in this country.

      Sometimes there really isn't any hope.

      That said, it would take a braver man than me to pull the plug.

  2. cvisors says:

    for some reason the first image reminds me of the film hardware...

    I have to see that again soon.


  3. internebbish says:

    Holy heartfelt fuck! I just melted a circuit. The US never owned up to damage from Agent Orange did they?

  4. ammonoid says:

    I really like the first picture...but why does a robot need teeth?

  5. strspn says:

    It is as if the DoD FOIA Office has suddenly decided to shoot their feet and the feet of the entire administration:

  6. baconmonkey says:

    Jamie, why do yo not live in a sinister lair shaped like a giant robot head?