Google Sightseeing

Google Sightseeing is a blog where a few folks have been posting links to aerial shots of famous things on Google Maps: St. Louis Arch, Stargate Command, Niagra Falls, Airplane Graveyard, etc. Syndicated on LJ as gmaps_sights.
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  1. Some companies have been doing satellite / aerial images for years, and with better quality. Why in the heck does Google get all the attention?

  2. drjon says:

    Something's broken: also at <lj user="google_sights">

  3. fo0bar says:

    When perspectives collide!

    That's, like, entering the 8th dimension, man.

  4. I've got a similar sightseeing page for my ACME Mapper.

  5. fantasygoat says:

    There sure is a lot of parking at Stargate Command.

    • mark242 says:

      I like the followup post to that link:

      Nuclear Testing Craters

      • jwz says:

        Are you sure those are craters? Maybe it's an optical illusion, but they look more like mounds of dirt to me.

        • mark242 says:

          Fairly certain. Unzoom, scroll around, you'll see a ton of craters to the southeast. This fits in with the info from the DOE page on the test site.

        • gfish says:

          Those are mostly from underground tests, so they aren't craters so much as giant sinkholes. If you zoom in, the cracks from the collapse are fairly obvious, as are pools of water in the bottom.

        • jkonrath says:

          That above URL is in the middle of NTS. If you move down, you see this really light-colored triangle splotch. That's the dry lake that houses the Yucca air strip in Area 6. Area 3 is the piece above it with the brunt of the craters.

 will give you a vague idea where the stuff it, but it's a pain in the ass to line up the landmarks to the maps.

          Most of those out there are collapsed sinkholes from underground testing. The most famous crater, Sedan, is up in Area 10. It's also interesting to see that what look like entire little cities that were built just for testing are sitting around abandoned. Oh, also a lot of what look like craters in Area 3 are really storage holes for the Radioactive Waste Management Site. They used to fill them with hot dirt and other junk from tests, but now they're filling them with other DoD hazardous waste.

        • fo0bar says:

          As have been mentioned before, yes, it's an optical illusion. Compare this (rather famous test) to this.

          Also in the same general area: Hawthorne, NV, home of one of the largest munition dumps in the world. Each one of those little bumps is an entrance to enough obsolete ammo to run your own personal war.

  6. mattallen says:

    She is watching you.

  7. Burning Man.

    I'm still trying to find Michael Heizer's City.