first successful phone post

Epoxies last night...

Edited: Hey, look at that, phone-posting to LJ from Sprint finally works. Too bad my phone's camera is still basically useless.

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14 Responses:

  1. where'd you see them?

  2. gwillen says:

    Just curious -- is this an LJ-thing, or some kind of email alias w/ script you hacked together that you can send SMS emails to? or none of the above?

    • jwz says:

      It's an LJ thing.

      But it only started working with Sprint phones today.

      • gwillen says:

        Damned poncy paid users and your fancypants features. :-)

      • cyeh says:

        The Finnish Man gave me a Nokia 9500 @ work, which should let me do this. Whether it's worth the trouble of setting it up or not...

        And yes, I've come to the sad conclusion that all cell-phone cameras completely suck ass.

        • jwz says:

          Yeah, they all suck. But there is something kind of neat about being able to post a picture from wherever you are, without having to wait until you get to a computer and a network first. Maybe someday those fluid lenses will make this actually be practical.

          • keimel says:

            I use a script that <lj user="prog"> hacked up and I further hacked up. Phone sends picture to "" which is pointed to a script /usr/local/bin/ , which then takes the picture and posts it online via perl modules, MIME::Parser; LJ::Simple; File::Spec;
            and Image::Magick::Thumbnail.

            It's worked nicely, except when I reboot and lose the silly /tmp directory I should have the script check for. The big plus is I don't have to worry about image hosting on LJ, so I can easily see my logs of who is watching my LJ photos.

            Am looking forward to the newer version of my phone which has a much much better camera in it.

            Of course, now I have to think about trying the LJ side of things. It wasn't around when I first had this set up.

            If anyone wants the aforementioned script, ask me.

  3. jqmark says:

    Flikr also works well to post phone pics straight to various blogs.