An Audioblogging Manifesto

Maciej Ceglowski has some wise words.
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5 Responses:

  1. avva says:

    Brilliant, although the background song is probably lost on most listeners.

  2. strspn says:

    Say -- don't you have some sort of a wrist problem?

    At home I have what I believe to be (based on the inventory data on its packing slip), the 11th-to-the-last copy of IBM ViaVoice for Linux, which I purchased less than a week before they announced they were going to stop selling it last year. I've never used it, but I've seen a guy run a copy on his Mandrake box (it is supposed to be distro-independent) and it works okay. Which is to say, he needed to spot and fix the errors which occur every thirty to fifty words, after spending an hour or so training it.

    I would be willing to drop it off at your club or something, gratis, if you think you might use it. My work makes me use a windows front end box, so if I ever get into speech dictation, it will be of no use to me anyway. Up to you.