Chocolate Facial

I have no joke here, I just like saying "Chocolate Facial".

"Chocolate facial: A patron at '32 Montorgueil' rests after receiving a Phytochoc facial, a chocolate-based beauty treatment to smooth away early wrinkles. (AFP/Joel Robine)"

Yahoo News, part 2


When I made that post yesterday about how the new Yahoo News Photos had broken middle-clicking, my hope was to get an answer like,

"Use instead, it does pretty much the same thing as what Yahoo News Photos does, but it has real URLs."

Because, you know, that's what I thought I asked.

Apparently, though, I somehow used the wrong words, because that post turned into my biggest inadvertent idiot magnet in a long while. Apparently the Fanboy Contingent read my request for an alternate web site as a request for them to tell me how cool they think it is to write Javascript that rewrites other peoples' broken web pages.

But you know what else I didn't expect?

I didn't expect Yahoo to actually fix it the next day!

That, right there, is pretty awesome. Thank you very much, gecampbell! Yahoo News Photos works great now!

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