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Yahoo Shark Jumpage

Today is the day when Yahoo News Photos finally jumped the shark. They changed it so that clicking on any thumbnail opens a popup window via JavaScript instead of being a "real" link; this means you can't use middle-click to queue a bunch of images to load in the background in their own window or a tab. Also, the JS code re-uses the same window every time, so even if you left-click on a bunch of thumbs, it only ends up showing you the last one you clicked.

So basically it's utterly useless now.

What other "current news photos" sites are there that I should be using instead?

(Google News is totally no good for this, since its photos are incidental to the articles. I want something photo-oriented, not article-oriented. You know, like Yahoo News Photos used to be before they fucked it up.)

Hint to idiots who think that using <A HREF="javascript:..."> is a good idea:

    It's not.

    But if you insist on going down that dark road, do it like this instead:
    <A HREF="http://real-url..." OnClick="thingy(); return false">. That makes left-click do your JS BS, but lets middle-click do something sane, and also lets your page continue to function if JS is turned off. And spiders work, and bookmarks work, and basically you avoid ass-fucking the web. Ok? Thanks.


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