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Rotting Animal Parts Found in N.J. School

Discovery of a bag full of rotting animal parts hidden in the ceiling above the school lunchroom forced the closing of Voorhees High School on Monday.

Officials said the school would remain closed Tuesday to allow workers to sanitize the area and health inspectors to clear the cafeteria to serve food.

"An unusual odor led to the discovery of decomposing animal parts that had been surreptitiously placed in the drop ceiling," Lebanon Township police Patrolman Larry Campbell said.

The bag was found about 7:30 a.m. Monday; students were dismissed at 11:55. Police believe the bag was hidden over the weekend, Campbell said. He would not say what kind of animal the parts were from or how much was hidden.


DNA Lounge: Wherein pugilistic farmers play with small plastic robots.

Photos are up of last night's Amish Rake Fight + Micronaut show. It was a really good show. I didn't get very many photos, though, because the whole show was pretty dark.

I read Chris Randall's blog, and it was especially entertaining in the last couple of weeks as he's been blogging from the road. So I got to find out a week ago that -- oops -- they might not be making it here at all. Their van's transmission and radiator turned to slag somewhere in the middle of Texas, causing them to miss one (or two?) shows. By the time they got it rebuilt, they had to drive 1699 miles in 32 hours...

Until now, I hadn't read someone blogging in such detail about a tour that we were part of. It was like behind the behind-the-scenes. This Interweb thing, it might just catch on, I'm telling you.

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Here's a video with the shower scenes from Hitchcock's Psycho and Van Sant's shot-for-shot re-shoot of it transparently overlayed on each other. (I never sat all the way through the Van Sant version, because, wow, what a total waste of time.)
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today in sexbot news

Ananova says that some guy made a RealDoll with internal heaters and a fake heart. They say it's on sale already, but I can't find any other reference to this that doesn't point back there, so this may be a pack of lies. No pictures, as per usual.

The Germanic Engrish on the site is pretty fine reading, too:

"She has been adapted anatomically to the male member and allows by his design a multiplicity of fantastic positions. She can be placed precisely on the significant zones, surfaces thus in contact are massed... In the position of the rider, it moves around the nipple to stimulate it slowly."

"She sees, certainly like an evil conspicuous, but she distinguishes the forms, can recognize a person or an object and can learn how to be seized some for your greater pleasure. The object of its attention moves, she follows her eyes until get. That is realizable because of the last developments of the electronics-optics and the software of recognition and memorizings of forms."

Also, this:


(full version)

Update 2: At last! A quadruple-amputee RealDoll! If only she had a removable glass eye...

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