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"Dear Japanese People"

Today in Headless Bondage Corpse-Fucking News:
"For complete sexual intercourse. From with the front and it is easy to hold from with rear, position of the waist is decided, can insert simply. You use the waist while it is thinking, lunge extremely, receive easily. It is largest advantage of the beads make compound cushion. In practicality, you compare with the existing Dutch wife and do not become the thing. Please finish while it is the piston, the pushing, rolling and the thinking."
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Today in Panopticon News

Bulk License-Plate Scanning by Helicopter

Police in the UK have successfully tested a 160 MPH helicopter that can read license plates from as much as 2,000 feet in the air. The Eurocopter EC135 is equipped with a camera capable of scanning 5 cars every second. Essex Police Inspector Paul Moor told the Daily Star newspaper: "This is all about denying criminals the use of the road. Using a number plate recognition camera from the air means crooks will have nowhere to hide."

The use of Automated Plate Number Recognition (ANPR) is growing. ANPR devices photograph vehicles and then use optical character recognition to extract license plate numbers and match them with any selected databases. The devices use infrared sensors to avoid the need for a flash and to operate in all weather conditions. [...]

UK police also envision a national database that holds time and location data on every vehicle scanned. "This data warehouse would also hold ANPR reads and hits as a further source of vehicle intelligence, providing great benefits to major crime and terrorism enquiries," a Home Office proposal explains.

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