tivo hackery

Where can I find an sshd for Tivo 4.x series 2? <LJ-CUT text=" --More--( 8%) ">Failing that, where can I find a version of tnlited that I can put a shell script wrapper around so that it asks for a password before handing out root shells like candy?

Or (dare to dream) iptables?

(The tnlited here seems to be S1-only, and the sshd linked to from here is 404.)

Failing even that, what magic do I need to go through to be able to cross-compile on x86 targeted to Tivo's brand of PPC? (Or, would it be easier to do this on OSX? Maybe if I link statically, OSX binaries will just work?)

Update: Found Tivo sshd here, yay! It works, even.

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my little friend, for one, welcomes his new robot overlord

will never judge you. Shakeutron is here to help. Shakeutron would like to buy you a nice steak dinner. Shakeutron did not mean to offend you. Shakeutron would like you to come back. Shakeutron cries 1.5 gallons of tears."

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dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein we rock the Engrish.