Zipdecode is pretty slick: as you type the digits of a zipcode, it lights up all the areas that begin with that digit, and zooms in as you type (so you can see that the whole west coast is "9", etc.)

(Apparently it's in Java. I didn't even realize I had Java installed...)


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  1. omnifarious says:

    Given what google has done with google maps, I bet they could make something like this that didn't require Java or Flash or anything. :-)

    I don't have Java or Flash installed on my main workstation, so I can't see it. So I'm basing my opinion solely on your description.

    • Eh, no. jwz could back me up here, but a browser and JS are *not* attuned to data driven applications, or animation. There is a reason Google Maps serves the maps in image tiles instead in raw data that is drawn with JS (yes, I know *some* of it does work that way).

      • jorm says:

        Christ. What I do for a living is build the UI for a high-volume data driven application, and I can't imagine doing it in anything but Java or Flash.

        The sheer, insane overhead of crunching, say, 10,000 discrete points of information in the browser's horrid JS interpreter makes any type of interesting or responsive work undoable.

    • luserspaz says:

      I put together a web service to lookup Lat/Lon based on zipcode, it's here:

      Actually selecting and displaying the polygons would probably be more difficult, although not impossible. I guess you'd just render them server-side and have the client select the right one.

  2. I think my least favorite thing about this is the way it reliably crashes my entire goddamn browser.

  3. buz says:

    Why is there no 00001?
    01001 is the first (but not 01000)!?
    And why is 01001 Agawam, MA?


  4. What, were Alaska and Hawaii too hard to fit in there?

  5. ammonoid says:

    I know from a previous crappy job that all naval ships have their own zip code. I found a list of naval zip codes; typing one of them in apparently makes it crash.

    I wonder what the difference between USS, SS, and USNS is.