what the stylish clown is wearing to the bank heist this season

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  1. jdredd5150 says:

    so.. is keith flint trying his hand at designing now?

  2. sending this to FASHION SWAT right fucking now. on par with ETRO'S BEARDS.

  3. rosefox says:

    I love how they say "shows off an outfit" or "presents a creation" when clearly the words they want are "struggles to escape this frightening and misbegotten offspring of washrags".

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, the "presents a creation" boilerplate is particularly hateworthy.

      • rosefox says:

        It saves them from trying to decide a) what it is and b) whether the model can really be said to be wearing it. Of course, at that point I don't see how it qualifies as "fashion".

        • strspn says:

          I would support a fashion show where the models were all required to select the clothing they believe to be most useful for a panel of judges taken randomly from a list of typical customers produced by the association of clothing stores, and then rated, like ballroom dancers, at the end of the event. The models would be able to ask written questions of the judges, after reading a 5000-word description of each of their daily routines.

          It would be a competitive sport, instead of the free-for-all sex-and-cocaine fest the've offered in years past.

          Imagine: "Gabrielle has selected a light green soft denim shirt, cotton slacks, and a 18-pound toolbelt. Gasp! Barbara has countered with a cotton pressed print, and a knee-length skirt, and a briefcase....."

  4. nightrider says:

    "Dino Alves... making fashionable bank-heist accessories for the ones you love..."

  5. fastfwd says:

    I am as angry as a clown, applies to some, and mad as a clown to others.

  6. It's nice to know that designers like abusing fashion models just as much as we do. Those poor mannikins, all those expensive facial treatments/peels/creams/whatevers just so some whacko designer can put a stocking over their head and trim it in Muppet parts.

  7. xunker says:

    It would seem to the casual observer that their's is a big push to make male pattern baldness fashionable.

  8. ilovezombies says:

    That's scary!:(

  9. baconmonkey says:

    such sad, sad klingons.

  10. mark242 says:

    So that's what the Predator looks like on the weekend...

  11. gargargar says:

    Wait, that's not supposed to be bank heist chic. It's supposed to look like a National Geographic image from sub-saharan Africa.

    It's blackface.

  12. airmax says:

    those blondes!

  13. Taken with the undue <lj user="miss_mcdonald"> fascination, one might get the impression that you have a clown thing going on.

  14. panda_boner says:

    New cenobites!

  15. nematoddity says:

    Oh, good gods. These are just terrible. Who was responsible for these travesties?

    And no wonder they don't look happy...*blinks* Surprised they weren't running screaming from the fashion show...

  16. pavel_lishin says:

    Alright, now they're just fucking around, trying to see how much they can get away with.