The Nameless Dread


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  1. primroseport says:

    Yeah, I usually dont go for internet cthulhu silliness, but that community is great

    • iota says:

      The day that the DFC closed was easily the lowest point in internet history. That was easily the funniest shit of all time.

      • jwz says:

        I thought DFC (if you mean the one where anyone could submit a caption) was pretty remarkably non-funny. Comedy by committee: not so much.

        The Dilbert Hole, though, that was a winner.

        • iota says:

          Sadly, Bil Keane died without completing this seminal work, believed by many art critics to be his crowning achievement. A highly-publicized Internet contest to complete the dialogue led to more than 100,000 entries, the best of which was "he pooped and my peener hurts."

          That DFC caption basically sums up the entire site.

        • jakeexperience says:

          The Dilbert Hole ]|[ :

  2. skreidle says:

    Well, crap. <lj user="namelessdread"> has been deleted.

    • primroseport says:


      copyright problems?

    • jwz says:

      <lj user="robyn_ma"> wrote:

      <lj user="namelessdread">, c'est fini. Y'know, I did it to amuse myself and the few people on my friends list who dug the humor and added themselves to the community. I didn't want a fuckload of eyes on it, I don't need to be worrying about lawyers coming after me, and I myself was not the fucking thing's biggest fan in the first place. You take a cartoon and you stick someone else's words under it big deal. Not what I really wish to put energy into, become notorious for, or catch legal bullets for. So: gone.

      • khephra says:

        I was about to show this to someone when I found out it was kaput. Dark days indeed. I should have copied all those images.
        The same thing happened a few years back with a "peanuts tarot deck" online. It was fucking great. Damn funny stuff.