Spider-Man's Greatest Bible Stories

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23 Responses:

  1. weev says:

    This is seriously fucking awesome.

  2. infrogmation says:

    More plausible than most Bible stories, but I'm sorry, Mary Jane Spiderchyk just doesn't work for me with non-red hair.

  3. psymbiotic says:

    OMG, I fell out of my chair laughing at that.

    Awesome! :D

    Egan >:>

  4. revglenn says:

    see, if it'd happened that way, i'd be in church every week! twice!

    • benediktus says:

      if it'd happened that way, there would be no church and week. you wouldn't have to think what twice means.

      ....but the paradise of the islam seems much better, though. ;)

  5. sammhain says:

    Man that was great, the whole apartment had a chuckle.

  6. kallisti says:

    It was the cowboy hat on the "willie nelson" Jesus on the cross that floored me...TANJ, they should put warnings on things like that!!!!!

    I am sure that Stan Lee will bust a gut when he sees this one!


  7. 0jla says:

    Sometimes I'm glad I can pick this paper up on my block. Usually not, though.

  8. rosefox says:

    Have some bacon, Jesus! Never mind that whole "kosher" thing... you're dead, so it hardly applies.

  9. giles says:

    That's got to be a pretty easy secret identity to figure out, though.

  10. skryche says:


  11. ... the hell?...

  12. forthdude says:

    I was already laughing my butt off. Then I got to the last panel: "Don't do drugs!" Perfect!

  13. mark242 says:

    Holy shit: Spiderman is 6000 years old!