next in the "asian fast food icons" series

(See also miss_mcdonald, chickenstripper, pretty much furries.)

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25 Responses:

  1. Sah-Weet Baby Jeebus!

    Debating whether I'm hungry or contemplating veganism.

  2. internebbish says:

    Ronald BeBop and Cowboy Sanders!

  3. drjon says:

    Is it just me, or is that Hamburgler teh hawt...?

  4. bonniegrrl says:

    If I may quote Paris Hilton:

    "That's hot!"

  5. autodidactic says:

    Give it five more minutes, and you'll find cosplay kids acting out a cross between HR Pufnstuf, Insane Clown Posse, and Dir En Grey.


  6. netik says:

    You are giving me Anime convention flashbacks! eee!

  7. It's official ... miss_mcdonald is no longer an interesting phenomena.

  8. denizenz says: it just me or is miss mcdonald's hands a little conspicously close to colonels sanders crotch?

    oh well, at least I know why colonel sanders is smiling.

  9. brutsid says:

    Who on earth is the guy pinching the tomato supposed to be?

  10. emorockerina says:

    How did you find my post? Why didn't you ask if you could direct link to me? Next time - please ask. It's polite, and then it keeps me from wondering why all these people are commenting to one of my posts out of the blue.