"Na zdorovie!"

Soviet anti-alcohol posters


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  1. sashamalchik says:

    I got a couple from the '30s hanging on my wall near the kitchen ;)

    • drpsycho says:

      me too:)
      i took them in st.petersburg a couple of years ago.
      most are about social plagues as alcohol(*) and tobacco.

      (*) for example one shows a man sitting at the table for lunch, who says no to a hand offering a bottle of vodka. the caption, as was translated to me, says to avoid alcohol at lunch.
      maybe they thought that alcohol is better outside the meal :)

  2. batmite2000 says:

    Hang them in the DNA lounge!
    ummm... wait. :)

  3. baconmonkey says:

    1. use a wrench on your wine glass
    2. grab that trouser snake
    3. do not not not deepthroat the bottle
    4. the drunken giant will fall off the building if you don't save him

  4. deviant_ says:

    I wish they credited the artists. Some of them look like old Steinberg brothers type stuff, but other ones look much more modern.

  5. In Soviet Russia, drink finished you!

  6. omerm says:


    I actually remember these posters back from times when I went to soviet school...

    Kudos for a title :)

  7. pavel_lishin says:

    Oh, they tried so hard, and failed so much. :P

    This reminds me of my favorite Russian toast: "Alcohol is the enemy of the soldier. But a soldier should fear no enemy! To courage!"

  8. coldacid says:

    Better keep the Japanese schoolgirls away from the top-right poster.

  9. nura says:

    This posters art calls "Agit-plakat"
    Do you like it? =)

  10. deathboy says:

    my geetarist has a few prints from that kind of campaign in his lounge. I think there's an anti-smoking one, too.