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  1. DAMMIT! I chocked on my salad when that popped up!!


    You need like a warning alarm or something.

  2. spikenheimer says:

    the residents are on tour?

  3. substitute says:

    Did the Residents open a kebab house?

  4. relaxing says:

    A Russian Fallout community?

    • jwz says:

      Loved the hats. Shame about the music.

      • remaker says:

        Wow, I thought for sure you'd like The Residents. Some of their stuff sucks, but parts of Duck Stab are brilliant. The sublime cacophony of "Bach is Dead?" The tribute to Elvis with "Elvis and His Boss?"

        Here I come, Constantinople....

        Ah, well. De gustibus non est disputandum.

        Eye, for one, welcome our new opthalmologic overlords.

      • buz says:

        An eye for an ....

        One of them used to do demos at trade shows for Roland and Korg (if memory serves). He had a studio near my uncle's shop on Folsom, and every time he walked by, my uncle would say, "That was one of the Residents" and I would run out the the door to look... but alas... I was always too late.

  5. britgeekgrrl says:

    I LOVE it, but I think my cerebellum just fused.

  6. nightrider says:

    "Они среди нас!"

    It's true. It's damn true.


    KATIE COURIC: Wow, the costumes for the Thanksgiving Day Macy's Parade keep getting stranger and stranger, don't they?

    MATT LAUER: They sure do, Katie. In fact, keep your eyes peeled for this next float...

    AL ROKER: It's a real eye catcher, Matt!

    KATIE COURIC: Don't blink, or you'll miss it!


    [[ ducks ensuing tomato melee ]]

  7. rent_head321 says:

    sorry i need to comment on ur journal in order to bypass my school's lock on live journal

  8. archiedavis says:

    are the residents getting back together?

  9. revsphynx says:

    "Don't run, we are your friends!"

  10. Curse you, google translate, for not having knowing russian!

    • How bloody helpful:

      Steeply!! :) But that this was, Berrimor???
      Possible question: whence this beauty? :)
      Notions have not=) If this твои relatives, that I here not moreover=)
      family will be complacent ZH=)
      in general rub! 5 болф! Steeply! They beside! They amongst us!
      The Beauty!
      Mars will attack!!! Zach0t!
      The Pope(pa)! %)
      Zachotnaya picture!!! улет :)
      here is this I understand! whence?

      • kiskadee says:

        russian has no definite/indefinite article (a, an, the), and it has no present tense verb for "to be" (is, are), so any translation that doesn't account for that is going to be totally off. :)

    • anonymizer says:

      babelfish does know russian, but the translation of those comments won't help you much. In general they are just saying "cool" in different ways.

    • anonymizer says:

      C1: Cool!! What was this Berimore (?)?
      C2: Could I ask: Where is this beaty from?
      C2b: I have no clue =) If this is your family, I have nothing to do with this.
      C2c: Family will be happy
      C3: Cool! 5 out of 5! Awesome! They are close, they are in our ranks
      C4: Beautiful (cool)
      C5: Mars attacks! Cool
      C6: Daddy!
      C7: Cool
      C8: Wow, this is impressive, where from?
      Translations aren't literal, but close meaning

      • na_pis says:

        C3: Cool(arfuly misspeled) "trash"(englishizm)! A+! Awesome! They are close! They are among us!
        C4: Beauty
        C5: Mars attacks! "Pass"(as in test/exam)
        C7: Exam's(arfuly misspeled) pic! "Blow-off"(slang)!

      • cmm says:

        > Berimore (?)?

        Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle's "Sherlok Holmes" series are an important part of the modern Russian folklore, thanks to the most excellent local TV adaptation series done in the eighties.

        Berrymore is Lord Baskerville's butler.

        the exchange "-- What is *that*, Berrymore??? -- Porrige, sir." is known and loved by every Russian.  one would have to see the TV series to properly understand why, though.

        bottom line: "what's that, Berrymore?" is just "whoa, what the fuck is that?".

  11. jas4711 says:

    so where is the picture from, originally? inquiring minds want to know.

    perhaps the answer is the f-word ..

  12. strspn says:

    Does this count as one of those big-head things?