get your war on 45

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  1. Wow... that's some raw ish.

    I hear ya.

  2. jabber says:


    About as subtle as a $20 on a night-stand, but still...

  3. ninevah says:

    Gah. Everytime you post a link to this site I end up spending about 30 minutes perusing backdated entries and giggling. Please, stop the giggling.

  4. sc00ter says:

    "My wife and I made our living wills last night. Mine says that if I fall into a persistent vegetative state, and Tome DeLay comes within a hundres miles of me, I am to turn into a zombie and rip his fucking head off."

    I have to put that in mine..

  5. carbonunit says:

    It's a bit late for that button, at least in Aus. The story just broke in the mainstream news media this week. But don't worry, most of us don't give a shit, it's just more strange news from another star...

  6. fantasygoat says:

    I honestly have no idea what these people are talking about. Three cheers for Canada!

  7. jesus_x says:

    Mr. Tube says he's in her mouth. It's worse than that. Since 75% of her cranium is filled with fluid (not brain), she can't even swallow. The tube is stuck through her stomach, like a tracheotomy goes through the throat. The Chik-Fil-A comment is dead on... Funny too. Smarter than Tom DeLay, and with more ethical fiber...

  8. pavel_lishin says:

    "Glassy-eyed, no cognitive ability, persistent vegetative state. Poor Terri Schiavo - the unwitting personification of the Christian right."

    I wish bumper stickers were bigger.