"Dear Japanese people..."

Zookeepers Train for Level Three Furry Outbreak:

TAMA, Japan -- A Japanese zoo prepared for animal escapes by chasing a volunteer dressed in a lion costume.

Zoo staff set up makeshift fences to contain the wild beast. If it was not a drill, the animal would be shot with a tranquilizer and quickly moved back to its cage habitat.

The annual costumed rehearsal is a favorite spectacle for zoo goers. Last year, the zoo practiced capturing a man dressed as an escaped polar bear.

All of the drills have been successful, zoo officials said.

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23 Responses:

  1. giles says:

    Yeah, "animal escape training." That's the ticket. If the news cameras hadn't shown up they'd still be beating off on that lion.

  2. azul_ros says:

    Somehow I don't think a person dressed in a suit is going to do the same things an actual lion would....

  3. bonniegrrl says:

    I wish they did this at the San Francisco Zoo...I'd go more!

    • xed_geek says:

      If they did this at the SF zoo, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't just be one furry running around, a few dozen (hundred?) would show up. Pure pandemonium!
      Now that would be worth the price of admission.

  4. dossy says:

    I can see it now -- new event on MXC: dress in a big animal suit, try to escape "the zoo", which is some treacherous 30° incline with large styrofoam boulders rolled down as "zookeepers" try to throw netting over the contestants.

    What will those wacky Japanese think of next.

  5. mcfnord says:

    Stealthy zebra chamoflage.

  6. fub says:

    The little kids who were at the zoo at that time were positively terrified by the "lion"...

  7. benediktus says:

    speaking of zoo ... i really like the one in bremerhaven

  8. irma_vep says:

    I think they should focus on chasing chimps. And use body armor.

  9. fengi says:

    I understand the Japanese military has an contracted out their training exercises to Disney on Ice.

  10. crypticreign says:

    This is the best thing I've seen all month.