damn you, media!

This woman has made it very clear that she wants us to see her breasts, and THE MEDIA will not show them to us!
"In an apparent protest against the monarchy, the woman had the message "Get your colonial shame off my breasts" scrawled across her chest and stomach. Reporters said the prince appeared to look in the woman's direction and smile as he entered the gallery."

Also, what's that on her head?

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33 Responses:

  1. cvisors says:

    well there is always this news post:


    still it has a black bar.


  2. mkay422 says:

    The US media you mean?Norvegian press seems to be more revealinghttp://gfx.dagbladet.no/pub/artikkel/4/42/425/425557/blott_reut.jpg

  3. recrea33 says:

    breasts here?

  4. valacosa says:

    Bare breasts? Oh no! Think of the children! She's a terrorist!

  5. Damn does she look British.

  6. relaxing says:

    So why hasn't Google linked News search with Image search?

    • jwz says:

      Probably because their image-search db is usually at least six months out of date.

      • relaxing says:

        Surely reducing the search space to only pages indexed by the News service would allow them to update a separate image db in something approaching real time? It would be a separate News Images search.

        Yeah, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

  7. abates says:

    Pah! the TV news footage (here in New Zealand) didn't hide anything.

    • nzchrisb says:

      Yup and showed them (there where two) getting photographed by newspaper types "Tits out" after they where released. The woman pictured didn't have the wig on in later tv inteviews, which made things sort of confusing as she has black hair and a mohawk and looked quite different.

  8. edlang says:

    That rose is neither red nor white; what is she?

  9. iigs says:

    Also, what's that on her head?

    That's her face, dude.

  10. benediktus says:

    dear nude woman,
    "get your breasts off my colonial shame!"

    • doktor242 says:

      "you've got your colonial shame on my breasts!"
      "you've got your breasts on my colonial shame!"