damn media, part 2

I'll let you do the Googling for this one, too:

Concern over "miracle" creams, and a recent bare-breast promotion of one product, has prompted the Thai Health Ministry to campaign for breast-enhancement through exercise, the national news agency said Sunday.

The products were spotlighted last week after police charged three models and the makers of a "15-minute breast-enhancement cream" with indecent exposure after a bare-all demonstration. [...] The models exposed their bosoms, with only their nipples covered, for a massage with the cream, which is supposed to shape and firm female breasts.

Television news devoted extensive coverage to the event, while many newspapers plastered pictures of a bare-breasted model on their front pages.

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10 Responses:

  1. xed_geek says:

    Where does one get trained to be the guy who applies the cream and helps them exercise their breasts?

  2. bdu says:


    • taffer says:

      Those Green Hornet masks really did it for me.

    • wfaulk says:

      … the demonstration was to counter criticism that the product … actually does work.

      Apparently lying about your product's efficacy in Thailand has become so commonplace that telling the truth draws criticism.

      Are they demonstrating that it doesn't work so that the ad agency's reputation will be restored?

  3. ged says:

    This week has really made me happy that I keep abreast of JWZ's blog.

  4. suppafly says:

    there's exercises for that?