Chrome Fetus

Chrome Fetus:

"Hail Jeffrey" is cool, and "Cochlea & Eustachia" is total awesomeness.

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10 Responses:

  1. brutsid says:

    The web is always selflessly bestowing its blessings upon us.

  2. d1663m says:

    Really makes you wonder what sort of childhood somebody like that had. I'm fascinated by stuff like that, but creeped out at the same time.


  3. my lord.

    that's just great.

    reminds me of some of the hernandez brothers' work.

  4. jesus_x says:

    Ok, this is the part where we point and laugh. I don't get it. Someone said fascinated and creeped out. I'm neither. I look at it, I see it, I recognize words and images, but there is no understanding or emotion triggered. I could as well be staring at Andy Capp, or a medium sized piece of wood. I get the Victorian oddity-fixation slant, but little else. What am I missing?