and that caption is:

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  1. substitute says:

    To quote <lj user="springheel_jack">: His Holiness isn't constipated, he's transtipated!

    • xed_geek says:

      You are going to hell for that one, and I'm driving the bus down for laughing at it so hard.

  2. ralesk says:

    Dear JWZ,

    Please stop exploring Microsoft branded HTML tags.
    It freaks us out.

    the W3C-conformant people.

    • korgmeister says:

      Now now, I'm using Firefox for Linux and it's working just fine. So it can't be that bad.

      Plus it was damn funny. Korgmeister approves of this funny.

      • ralesk says:

        Heheh, I know - and yeah, it does work for me too (Mozilla's marquee implementation is actually a bit buggy and it doesn't handle images well unless they load fast, i.e. from cache).  But still!  Bad Jamie! :D

        • korgmeister says:

          You're right. Looks much nicer when loaded from cache.
          (Being on dialup didn't help =P)

          • ralesk says:

            It is not actually the case here, by the way (the image isn't inside the marquee - that's when it would be displayed buggy in Gecko).

      • schnee says:

        Wrong attitude. The fact that people have been saying "I'm using IE for Windows and it's working just fine" is a good part of what got us into this mess of non-standards compliant differing implementations in the first place.

    • partylemon says:

      To his credit, he actually has found a use for the tag - apart from showing off your 12-year-old web skillz.

    • wntd says:

      It could be much, much worse.

      Also, I just realized that Comic Sans MS came preinstalled on my Mac mini. Sad times.

  3. tfofurn says:

    I particularly like that the Icelandic player is flying blind.

  4. grublett says:

    wheee!!! that's a good one!

  5. otterley says:


  6. johnreen says:

    You had to get this news du jour in there, too!

  7. baconmonkey says: