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you got the power-up

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DirecTivo ethernet

Dear Lazyweb,

How do I configure my DirecTV DVR R10 (DirecTivo Series 2) to phone home using the Linksys USB200M ethernet adapter plugged into its USB port, instead of insisting on a land line?

<LJ-CUT text=" --More--(19%) "> It is running system software 6.1-01-2-521. I plugged in the land line and forced a daily call, and it does not seem to have upgraded it, so I guess that's the latest they're willing to give me.

When the machine boots, it contacts my DHCP server and gets assigned an ethernet address, so the software is at least considering the possibility.

It also seems to do this periodically:
tivo.5353 > 0 [3q] PTR? _tivo_music._tcp.local.[|domain]
tivo.2190 > <broadcast>.2190: UDP, length 109

Note: setting the dialing prefix to ",#401" does not do it. It still tries to use the phone line and says "no dial tone".

I have googled; I find a lot of people answering the question "how do I do this with a standalone Tivo", but not with a DirecTivo. I have talked to DirecTV phone support; the guy was a dick.

Update: Ok, I think the plan now is to try and put a new drive in the Philips and return the R10. The R10 DRM is egregious. Also (I'm not totally sure about this but) I think the picture is less sharp on the R10 than it was on the Philips: maybe the R10 has a piece-of-shit S/Video encoder?

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how to make a sideways room


I shake an angry fist at Tivo

Well, I had another DirecTivo die, I think. I swear, these fuckers come with a two-year self-destruct timer built in. The last time this happened was in Sep 2003, so I suppose it's out of warranty, even if I knew where the receipt was, which I don't.

Right now it's doing a full reformat, at the suggestion of the support guy (which takes four hours), but he didn't sound hopeful.

It started acting like the load was really high (playback and background animation stalling for seconds at a time) and after I reset it, it wouldn't ever get past 70% on the satellite info stage. I suppose it might just be a dying drive, but (as you know) I hate computers, and so I'd gladly spend an extra $200 to not have to figure out how to install/bless/format a new $50 drive.

I briefly pondered whether maybe getting digital cable might not be so bad, but then I remembered that A) the cable-company-approved PVRs suck, and B) that'd leave me with one tuner instead of two. The Tivo GUI is really nice.

Are any of the DirecTivo models reputed to be more reliable than any other? This one was a Philips 7000/17. The previous one (that died in a similar way) was a Sony something.

Are there any models o DirecTivo that can be made to use ethernet instead of a phone line, without requiring surgery?

Before I reformatted it, I wasn't even able to get it to show me my season pass listings, so I'm going to have to redo them all from memory, dammit.

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I, for one, welcome out new segmented robotic overlords.

You must see these videos:

M-TRAN II auto-reconfigurable robot

"Each block can rotate 180 degrees around the link that connects it to its mate, and each module contains a magnet that can be switched on and off, enabling it to connect to other modules in the system. Genetic algorithms allow the robot to discover new ways of moving on its own."

Best lego kit ever.

Also, The OmniTread:

"The OmniTread is divided into five box-shaped segments connected through the middle by a long drive shaft spine that drives the tracks of all segments. Bellow s in the joints connecting the sections inflate or deflate to make the robot turn or lift the segments. The bellows provide enough torque for the OmniTread to lift the two front or rear segments to climb objects."
(38MB WMV)
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