xscreensaver 4.21

XScreenSaver 4.21 out now. Lots of changes this time around, but the most interesting ones are:

  • fliptext; *
  • text-manipulating modes can load URLs now, and can be bulk-configured via the GUI; *
  • molecule -shells; *
  • mouse hysteresis. *

This release is dedicated to the splitting headache I've had for the last twelve hours.

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Zipdecode is pretty slick: as you type the digits of a zipcode, it lights up all the areas that begin with that digit, and zooms in as you type (so you can see that the whole west coast is "9", etc.)

(Apparently it's in Java. I didn't even realize I had Java installed...)


now that's a big font

Today in giant poster-printing news: Ian Albert made a poster of every Unicode character. It's 12'x6' with what looks like 18pt characters.