"You'll find my nuts need extra attention today."


24 Responses:

  1. nester says:

    Sometimes the captions just write themselves...

  2. I think this was an entry in a Fark photoshop contest. I think in the original the guy on the right was at the same height as those other two monkeys.

    Doesn't make the picture any less funy.

  3. gabzilla says:

    "Gee George, is it my turn next, George? Huh? Huh? Is it my turn next, George? Can I stand closer, George? Can I, please, George?"

    I am deeply disturbed by this.

  4. mattlazycat says:

    Forget the balls - that's what rich people can pay for. What the hell's going on with his ass?

  5. ascheblau says:

    "Everyone get in line, it's inspection time!"

  6. fo0bar says:

    I laughed. Out loud. For about a minute straight.