why is there not one through the crotch?


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  1. g_na says:

    Crap. I can't find anyplace to buy them.

  2. malokai says:

    Dunno.. put a little picture of you on it's face and find out.

  3. carus_erus says:

    Et tu, Brute?

  4. cadmus says:

    From a friend who was looking at this...

    Go to http://www.viceversashop.com/Dynamic/Products

    Then the web site gives you enough information back to set up your own
    SQL injection attack against the database. If they're dumb enough to
    allow SQL injection, they're probably dumb enough to also give their web
    server administrator rights to their database.

  5. elysiumcore says:

    Cuz the one in the abdomen is to be pushed down THROUGH the entire crotch area, THAT is why.

  6. crasch says:

    why is there not one through the crotch?

    That's where you hang the walnut cracker.

    (With apologies to <lj user=daemonwolf>.)

  7. gabzilla says:

    They don't make knives that small?

  8. neversremedy says:

    Because it was a man who did the stabbing.


    They did have a place on the crotch for a meat cleaver, but well, it sliced it right off.

  9. Dunno, but the original has two through the eyes;

    • erg says:

      Looks like the redesign is specifically for Viceversa, thanks for the good link! I've asked them about production; where to get it. Also, the back of the knives are supossed to have clear covers, so while the visual effect is mostly maintained, it's safe for household use.

    • zrb says:

      Where can I buy the original?

  10. whizard says:

    Oddly, no one in my family thought this was funny.

    • zuvembi says:

      I knew better than even think about showing it to my SO. My boss on the other hand thought it was awesome and wanted to know where she could buy it.

  11. dcdan says:

    There isn't one in the crotch because then it would be disturbing.