The Great Mouthless One

Surface To Air's Hello Kitty Crop Circle

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featuring such classic 80s hits as
3c) How does Hello Kitty give head?   and
3d) How does Hello Kitty eat?

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19 Responses:

  1. morpheuse says:


  2. edlang says:

    Best. jwz. LJ. Entry. Evar.

  3. vxo says:

    I want to see the following:

    A cage match; Hello Kitty vs. Onsokumaru from 2x2=Shinobuden, battling to the death.


    • coldacid says:


      Sorry, had to. Onsokumaru demanded it. (I'd be more up for a mud match between Shinobu and Kaede, but I suspect that Shinobu would enjoy it a wee bit too much.)

  4. loosechanj says:

    I want my mommy.

  5. benediktus says:

    good reminder. a friend, kinda branch manager of games workshop, swore to build that actual 40k army, by milling off the heads of basic space marines models and glueing on that ... thingies. have to ask him about the progress. anybody want some spare kitty bodies?

  6. gths says:

    Heh. I remember having that as my desktop. 7 years ago.

  7. node says:

    <lj user="danh"> used Hello Kitty imagery for his units in this aptly named game — here,
    here, and

  8. c0nsumer says:

    This, however, is just wrong.

  9. popefelix says:

    Ah, HK40K. It never gets old. :)

  10. starjewel says:

    I'm flying out of Heathrow tomorrow, back to SFO. Wonder if I'll be able to see it.

  11. karlshea says:

    I wonder if satellite or aerial imaging systems like Terraserver have crop circles in any of the pictures.

  12. remaker says:

    I, for one, welcome our new mouthless feline overlords.

    (I guess it is funnier when you are fast enough to top post)