The Faceless Horror of our Fashionable New Robot Overlords


"Mannequins have been static but this will pose for the nearest person by sensing his or her position," robot designer Tatsuya Matsui told a news conference Monday.

Palette will double-up as an industrial spy, with the maker planning to program it to judge the age and sex of shoppers and even identify the bags they are carrying and pass along the information to stores for marketing purposes.

Otsuka said it was "safer that the robot stays in a showcase."

"Consumer attention would be diverted to the face if there were one," said Matsui.

Also, cower in fear of Posy the Mouthless Flower Girl!

"I'll eat your soul"™

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14 Responses:

  1. fastfwd says:

    Hello, Kiddie.

  2. benediktus says:

    "i'll have to freeze you"("box" from "logan's run")

  3. netik says:

    Concidence? You decide.

  4. 33mhz says:

    This is beyond terrifying.

  5. maebmij says:

    I think I saw Posy moving around in one of the deleted scenes from Lost in Translation. The scene was called "Charlotte with Robots" or some such.

  6. baconmonkey says:

    Dear JWZ,
    please stop exploring your sexuality, it really freaks us out.

  7. azul_ros says:

    Whoa!! Kind of creepy, in a cute non-human way...

  8. dieblog says:

    i want one.

  9. spoonyfork says:

    That white death shroud posy model is the freakiest thing I've seen in years. Something about its ghost-like yet intensely inhuman quality chills my spine. Thanks for seeding future nightmares.

  10. baconmonkey says:

    I presume you've seen "Oh! Mikey"

  11. fantasygoat says:

    For all your night terror needs.