The Cuddly Menace

My Little Golden Book About Zogg

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22 Responses:

  1. bonniegrrl says:

    okay that's just BEYOND creepy!

  2. kellibunny says:

    lol i LOVED those books when i was little! Very funny stuff.

  3. colubra says:

    The icon either means A: this is the death of comedy, or B: I have died laughing.

  4. jerronimo says:

    Heh. I know Jason Yungbluth.

    Where did you get this link from?

  5. um.

    i think this is the best thing i have ever seen. EVER.

  6. przxqgl says:

    you realise, of course, that this means we'll have to kill you...

  7. benediktus says:

    ...must think of a brick wall

  8. cynical5679 says:

    hey I added you, thought I would let you know.

  9. kumimonster says:

    haven't you posted this yet

    some time ago?