nature is disgusting

Or, "I, for one, welcome our new Lovecraftian Rat Overlords."

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34 Responses:

  1. evan says:

    Where are its eyes?

    ...does it have eyes?

  2. fengi says:

    You can tell the reporter felt this way as well - "The star-nosed mole, operating in the Stygian darkness of its burrow..."

  3. postmaudlin says:

    hooray for the molemen!!!

  4. treptoplax says:

    They say it takes a car driver about 650 milliseconds to hit the brake after seeing the traffic light ahead turn red. Over half-a-second? Against a quarter-second for the mole?

    Is it just me, or do those numbers seem wrong?

    Must... not... look... at... picture.

  5. satarnion says:

    I wonder if you could housetrain that thing and, if you did, if it would playfully wrap those tentacles around your fingers.


  6. omnifarious says:

    The most interesting thing about moles is that the way the touch sensors on their snouts are organized is very similar to the way nerve bundles from our retinas are organized. Moles get as much sensory input from their tentacled noses as we get from our eyes, and it's organized like peripheral vision vs. data from the fovea is organized in us.

  7. g_na says:

    Ooh, I love star-nosed moles. (I suppose that comes as no surprise to you.) But I am partial to Naked Mole-Rats.

  8. ascheblau says:


  9. bitpuddle says:

    This is why I live in a city. I really want to minimize my odds of ever seeing something like this in person.

  10. xenithtoast says:

    And now, thanks to you, my friends page is disgusting as well.

  11. mark242 says:

    Oh great, that's all we need, is for nature to evolve into goatse.

  12. He's SO CUTE!!!

    *hugs the mole*

    can I have one????

    • lproven says:

      Yes! It's not just me! Hurrah!

      I think it's lovely. And naked mole rats are dead cool. If it wasn't for Dollo's Law of Loss, they'd be my bet for the species to take over the planet after WWIII.

  13. certron says:

    Funny, I was just reading <lj user="sclerotic_rings"> and there was a post about star-nosed moles.

    "Star-nosed moles depend upon small organisms for its food, and to minimize the caloric output of collecting that food, the moles have the fastest eating habits of any known mammal. Now it's a matter of comparing the feeding speed of star-nosed moles to that of a hungry pack of Cub Scouts..."

  14. thaths says:

    Is it just me or does this thing remind you of Dr. Zoidberg of Futurama?

  15. holy fuck! lol