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FCC Exonerates Angel:
A love scene from The WB's canceled Angel that showed a female character turning into a vampire and biting her partner's neck did not overstep federal indecency rules, the FCC ruled on Feb. 25. It was one of two scenes from a November 2003 episode of Angel that were not "sufficiently graphic or explicit to render the program patently offensive" by contemporary standards, the FCC said in denying an indecency complaint from the Parents Television Council.
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  1. jabberwokky says:

    That would be "Destiny", a flashback ep where Dru, Spike and Angel's past is explored for Angel viewers who haven't seen Buffy.

    Considering several other scenes (the fairly explicit sex scene with underage Buffy and Angel in Season... um... 2? 3?, and the Spike/Buffy "feral, abusive sex" in season 6), I'm surprised they ran this one up to the FCC. I guess they aren't fans.

    PTC seems like a fairly good org if they kept the hell away from other people's televisions. Their listings seem to be accurate for a 10 year old viewer, which would be a useful resource for a parent. Of course, there's already a ratings system in place now for television, but the more the merrier.

    It's when they turn around and try to shut down shows that are clearly for adults that I lose respect for them.

    I'd like to see the names and addresses of the people writing these letters to the FCC for PTC put in a searchable database... I'd love to go door to door and politely ask them to mind their own business, that I'd prefer if they didn't try to tell me what to watch. I have a feeling that the majority think they are "doing it for the children", and can't imagine that a respectable adult might like to watch a bit of modern fantasy drama.

    • aris1234 says:

      Face it. You live in a police state.

      Move to Europe.

      • jabberwokky says:

        Face it, the Jews control the world.

        Become a Nazi.

        (Hey, it makes just as much sense and is as inflammatory as your comment... wait... it needs a finishing touch...)

        Oh yeah... Europe already tried that and couldn't even be Nazi's successfully.

        (YHBT. Back.)

      • No need to go all the way to Europe; Canada's apparently a good deal more liberal than the U.S., and you get to keep your 110V appliances (though possibly not your firearms).

        • Even better - make sure you're somewhere you get Quebec television signals. TQS, for example, starts bringing the porn around 11, if not earlier.

          People also seem to be able to swear on public television at 7:30 now, at least if they're British or on the news.

          • leolo says:

            TQS broadcasts bad porn movies with the hardcore sections removed, at 23h00 on Saturday. You could probably find better torrents.

        • taffer says:

          Unless he's got some assault weapons, he can probably keep his firearms... they'll need to be registered and all that bureaucratic crap though.

  2. jsl32 says:

    and of course, there is no text.

  3. sleepsheep says:

    I got two questions:
    1) Does this mean that we won't have to call Mr. Peabody and Sherman to get in the Wayback to stop it from being aired.

    2) Now that the FCC said it was OK does that mean PTC will let their kids watch?

  4. bitwise says:

    One group, Parents Television Council (started by this guy), is responsible for 99.8% of all complaints made to the FCC.

    You can edit the submitted text in their complaint submission form (example). Feel free to exercise your creative editing skills and submit your own customized complaints.