dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein photos are presented, slipmats are distributed, and careful note is made in your calendar.

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  1. pvck says:

    I note previously the pictures from the Attrition show. We got to play with them when they came through here, and, again, there were like a dozen people there. Why is it that one of the more influential (at least long lived and prolific) acts in that style of music doesn't seem to attract more people?

    I wish we had gotten HBS as well. She gave me one of her demo disks and I would have liked to have seen that.

    • bodyfour says:


      If you're under 30 you probably have no idea who Attrition is

      If you're over 30 you probably saw them at least a couple times during their "tour every town in the US" phase

      At least those were the explanations I heard from the people I unsuccessfully tried to get to the show — it was either "who?" or "seen 'em". Really a shame — I had seem them a few times before but this show was better than the rest of them combined.

  2. nester says:

    OOOOoOoO Slipmats! Pretty. now if only I had a turntable... or two.

    Did JJ work out?

  3. korgmeister says:

    This photo greatly amuses me for some reason.

    Probably because my mind inserts the exclamation "Rarr!" as its audio accompanyment.

  4. kyronfive says:

    RE: Tokyo Dark Castle: I'll take $500 for "slow motion car crash," Bob.

  5. sudsyfist says:

    > slipmats are distributed

    Just ordered a couple of pair -- I hear they're more magical than a generous helping of Spanish Fly.

    Kickass, man. I hope you sell enough to make it worthwhile.

  6. bonniegrrl says:

    LOVE the photo section! ;-)