"and furthermore..."

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  1. that'll learn ya.

  2. strspn says:

    As one who has recently suffered a three-day hospital stay as a result of an intimate encounter with 220 V three-phase, I heartily support the use of an additional financial penalty so as to insure just that much more caution.

  3. xed_geek says:

    What, do they sue your estate, or just hope that you survive (albeit a bit charred) so they can charge you? Also if you touch it (even without the financial warning) maybe its just darwin in action.

  4. transgress says:

    hehe, thanks, that made my day.

  5. ammitbeast says:

    "Hey! Who put this ticket in Dave's coffin?"

    I guess if the deceased can't pay they can always empty the coffin and sell it. (Do y'suppose the ticket would say "instant death violation"?)

  6. strangehours says:

    Best choice of track yet :)

  7. loosechanj says:

    Wait, is the $200 fine for dying, or touching the wires?

  8. I think the fine might be associated with failure to follow mandated lock-down tag-out procedure. The phone guy at $FORMER_EMPLOYER was formerly in the maintenance department, where he gained a nickname: Sparky. He'd failed to follow lock-down, tag-out once... and woke up about fifteen minutes later, across the room, on a shipping skid.