Abe Froman is the new Odin Quincannon

A sausage factory owner was sentenced to death Tuesday for killing three meat inspectors nearly five years ago. Stuart Alexander, 43, the self-proclaimed "sausage king," was convicted in October of three counts of first-degree murder for the 2000 shooting deaths of two federal inspectors and one state inspector at his factory in San Leandro.

See also Robert Pickton.

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21 Responses:

  1. g_na says:

    Yeah, but it doesn't specify if the inspectors became sausage themselves.

    • harryh says:

      I think that part of the story is just understood.

      • They were not, running down the street waving a gun gets attention, and he was busted before the blood was dry.

        • sc00ter says:

          "Prosecutors argued that Alexander hatched a "diabolical plan" to kill the inspectors, get away with it by pleading insanity, then write a book or movie to profit and gain notoriety from the crime."

          Sounds like that was what he was planning :)

    • beerfrick says:

      "and chased a fourth inspector for several blocks from the Santos Linguisa Factory."

      c'mere dammit!
      we got a LUNCH DATE! haw haw haw

  2. przxqgl says:

    i'm glad i'm a vegetarian...

  3. Our time was wasted with the Peterson case when we had stuff like this going on!

  4. king_mob says:

    "Nibble the vein...nibble the vein...now say the name...say the name..."

    • jwz says:

      That cuddly fellow is Odin Quincannon, a character in Garth Ennis's amazing comic book "Preacher" (compilation #7, "Salvation".)

    • jlindquist says:

      I would gladly buy that shirt, if not for the fact that there is no H in "Froman":/jl,Glenbrook North '92

      • jwz says:

        I have always wondered whether the movie was referencing a real Abe Froman, but now it's far too late to tell. There's even a band called "Abe Froman and the Sausage Kings."

  5. pavel_lishin says:

    So if he killed these guys five years ago, and the trial has been going on for five months, and one of the guys got away, what the hell took so long?

    • hafnir says:

      I know! I remember when this broke in the news, ages ago when I actually lived in the east bay! I always thought it sounded pretty open & shut - can't believe it takes so long.

  6. ioerror says:

    You had to drop the Abe reference, I can see you in the sweater with the snooty guy already Jamie.

  7. duskwuff says:

    <obligatory Sweeney Todd reference<

  8. denari says:

    My name is Stuart Alexander (no really it's true). You're all going to be ausage meat for laughing about this (however this isn't).

  9. deathboy says:


    I just read that Preacher issue yesterday :D