A Day In The Life of Miss McDonald

miss_mcdonald is somewhat upsetting:

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  1. weev says:

    I for some reason feel disturbed admitting to myself that I'd hit that. Really hard.

    • bonniegrrl says:

      yeah i'd snog her.
      Even if i did get gross facepaint all over me.

      She needs to be a bit more Supersized.
      Too scrawny.

      • relaxing says:

        Her asian features stuck me as odd (turns out she's Filipino.)
        Does that make me racist, to subconsciously want my American corporate icons to look American?

        In any case, the photo of her curled up on the Ronald statue's arm is disturbing on so many levels.

      • korgmeister says:

        I'd have to concur with bonniegrrl and weev on that.
        Glad it's not just me =P

    • bdu says:

      Yeah, I was just appending "...and totally hot" to JWZ's post.

    • loosechanj says:

      I think that's what make it so disturbing.

    • tfofurn says:

      To me, she occasionally looks like Rachael Ray. I have no compunctions about admitting that I'd be all over Rachael in a heartbeat. And then I freak out because the curl of the lips that makes her look like RR is the makeup.

  2. rasp_utin says:

    It hurts the brain.


    Still, I'd be interested if marauding packs of little people dressed as Fry Guys started terrorizing cities around the globe. It'd be like Aphex Twin's "come to daddy" video, only with more calories.

  3. relaxing says:

    In the journal of the Cheetos-bath chick there was a guy asking for pictures of her eating a McDonald's hamburger. So I guess there is a niche for this sort of thing.

  4. fantasygoat says:

    If by "upsetting" you mean "totally hot".

    • *snorpth*

      Great. Another failure in my vow of "no more coffee sprayed into keyboard".

    • zonereyrie says:

      Yeah - it is kind of scary, but I think she's probably frighteningly cute under that greasepaint, but even with it, she's still hot. And I have mad respect for someone who does weird shit in public like that.

    • valacosa says:

      I too agree with your hotness assertion. I don't know what those people were so weirded out by up there...

  5. myasma says:

    that cute little smile just melts my heart, leaving a shiny puddle of cholesterol.

  6. ascheblau says:

    Christ, give her some food!

  7. fulguritus says:

    how is that hot filipina woman upsetting you in her cute little getup?