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Siren Song of the Aquatic Gnome Menace

Underwater gnome threat 'returns'

A secret underwater attraction that lured several divers to their deaths could have returned, police say.

The "gnome garden" complete with picket fence was removed from the bottom of Wastwater in the Lake District after several divers died a few years ago. It is thought they spent too much time at too great a depth while searching for the site of the ornaments.

Now police divers say there is a rumour that the garden has returned at a depth beyond which they are allowed.

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curing cancer with AIDS

Researchers at UCLA have tweaked HIV to create a gene therapy that attacks cancer tumors in mice.
The UCLA AIDS Institute scientists genetically altered HIV and folded it into an envelope made of another virus called sindbis, which typically infects insects and birds. That turned the altered HIV into a missile that hunted down metastasized melanoma cells in the lungs of living mice.

"People might wonder if it's scary to use HIV as a therapy," said Irving Chen, who led the UCLA team. "But in actuality we have completely removed 80 percent of the virus. So really it's just a carrier."

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The Great Mouthless One

Surface To Air's Hello Kitty Crop Circle

See also the alt.sex.hello-kitty FAQ
featuring such classic 80s hits as
3c) How does Hello Kitty give head?   and
3d) How does Hello Kitty eat?

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