window four

The beach-head has been secured. The universe is now 8% bigger.

Today I have a view! They have peeled away the plastic covering my windows, and so I again have a scenic view of the scaffolding! Which is itself still wrapped in plastic. But I can assure you that having a view of the outside world, even if the edge of the world is only four feet away, is a dramatic improvement. Perhaps the so-called "dark matter" will allow the universe to continue to expand. I can only dream.


12 Responses:

  1. fantasygoat says:

    Frankly I consider that superior to watching frat boys pee in the parking lot.

  2. alanocity says:

    Always good to have a nice view! I unfortunately room w/ a brother and he always leaves the blinds drawn... :-(

    second post :-P

  3. sc00ter says:

    Pffft, at least you HAVE windows.. My office, and the entire office space I work in has -NONE-

    • nester says:

      But the real question is.. have people covered the windows in your house with sheets of plastic? ;)

      • sc00ter says:

        In my old apartment I had to do that in the winter due to drafty windows, but it was very clear, almost invisible. So that was all good :)

  4. baconmonkey says:

    now you and your window mexican can finally have some privacy.

    though from these pictures, it looks a lot like you just live in the sunset in a fog bank.

    • simmonmt says:

      Given San Francisco "winter" weather, I found myself wondering how he could tell the difference between the world with plastic and the one without. Perhaps it's because the buildings are fuzzier in one of them.

  5. fnoo says:

    You've seen Equilibrium, right?

    The building-condom wants you to feel no joy. No joy.

  6. benediktus says:

    you definitly WANT plastic wraps, when living in a basement (like i do) protecting you from staring dogs and midgets. plus: the blurring effect breaks it down to all necessary informations: approx. time of day. furthermore i consider the impression of the outside an overvalued fact.

  7. solios says:

    ...which is gray/white today, and looks much the same at 1:45 as it did at 8:45.

    Is there a SKY out there, or are you trapped inside some sort of GIANT CHIBA CITY TELEVISION! ?

    • jesus_x says:

      And it will continue to look like Pittsburgh until May comes to southwest PA. We only pay the Sun bill during summer, and are too cheap to pay the Snow bill in winter.