the pictures, they burn.

fantasygoat would like you to vote on your favorite picture of the year. This is mine:


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22 Responses:

  1. weev says:

    That poll is f/o.

  2. You know, this showed up just under a batch of pics from <lj user="dashing"> on my friends list, and made me wonder whether you read his(?) LJ. I think you'd appreciate it.

  3. crazy4cats says:

    That is one of the most amusing things I've seen - evah!

  4. I saw a picture of a woman with vampire teeth in her vagina when I was 13. Haven't been able to find it again though.

  5. fantasygoat says:

    The best part of the picture is how proud he is to have found and conquered the vampire ass. This is my second favourite after cheesy girl.

    Right now this picture is running a very close third in the polls, just behind cheesy girl and the naked suits.

  6. uh. where does one FIND something like that, anyhow?

    (other than "TEH INTARWEB", thx.)

  7. brutsid says: (Right click->save as bullshit)

    It's not a picture, but it is probably the funniest thing I will see on the web this year. Sorry about it being WMV.

    • thomtoffner says:

      simply clicking the link works fine for me with mplayerplug-in. that is seriously not funny, btw.

      • panda_boner says:

        Click on his journal. Read the captions he wrote for a bunch of nightclub pictures to see how much of a loser he really is. It's like there's a fat "NOT-FOR-YOU" stamp on each one, and only he can see it. Lather, rinse, ignore.

      • brutsid says:

        Yeah, it really isn't funny when some suburban jackass goes around trying to knock innocent little kids off their bikes with A FUCKING CAR, and then gets exactly what he deserves... on tape.

        Oh livejournal user thomtoffner, I see the mistake of my ways. Will you please give me your eForgiveness?

        • thomtoffner says:

          Well, I completely agree he's a jackass, and that knocking kids off bikes is a really fucking lame thing to do, especially from a moving car. However, no one DESERVES getting hit in the face by another moving car, no matter how stupid they are. Imagine what the people driving the car went through, imagine what the poor kid who got knocked off his bike had to see (assuming he didn't get run over too.) Any idea if the guy survived?

          Livejournal user thomtoffner.

  8. loknar says:

    Hey. I dun mean to be annoying, but I was the guy who sent you the ideas for some new Xscreensaver modules. Did you like the ideas?

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