sushi pillows

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  1. jesus_x says:

    Now your pillow can be cold and clammy without you having to drool on it all night.

  2. threepennies says:

    Yes, but only if it comes with a hot water bag in the shape of soy sauce packet.

  3. cfs_calif says:

    Can I get that in a spider roll? Mmmmm, spider roll. Droollllll


    • It would be better if the pillow cases looked like bacon and the pillows looked like filet mignon; everything is better if wrapped in bacon -- even bacon.

  4. benediktus says:

    "You won't accept a guy's tongue in your mouth, and you're going to [...]" ...roost on that?

  5. fantasygoat says:

    I always hate pulling the tail bit off.

  6. robflynn says:

    Ha! Even more funny is the fact that the person directly below me in my friends list has the same piece of sushi as her user pic...

    It's a conspiracy I think.

  7. conradkilroy says:

    once, I had a dream I was eating an enormous marshmallow, i woke up and my pillow was gone.


    once I had a dream i was eating an enormous sushi...

  8. alyska says:

    hee, that's beautiful! (<lj user=kingfox> pointed this out to me.)

    i actually made a tamago similar to that for a friend's birthday last year.

    yay for sushi pillows!

  9. violentbloom says:

    so I think you need to write a sushi boat screen saver. make sure every now and again that there are empty boats or empty ones with a couple grains of rice on them :)

  10. bovinity says:

    omg, best pillow ever.

  11. gogoyubariii says:

    whered you buy that pillow

    its super cute, and id like to order one.