horizontal hanging

A suicidal New Jersey man set a new standard for self-inflicted brutality when he decapitated himself by driving away from a light post with a rope tied around his neck. Wolfgang Persieck, 50, of Union Beach, died when the rope, which he had attached to the post, jerked his head off as he stepped on the gas Saturday night.
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  1. rawdogue says:

    What, no photo?

  2. defenestr8r says:

    is it national suicide week again?

  3. jabber says:

    It's a good start, but it's just inelegant. People should care enough about their last act to make it aesthetically pleasing, at least to those who read about it, if not for those who have to clean up.

    • pavel_lishin says:

      To hell with that. I want my death to be so grisly, that the scene actually remains uncleaned for weeks because everyone refuses to get anywhere near it.

    • srattus says:

      Oh I don't know. At least someone will be able to buy the haunted car off of ebay for $100,000.

      I have something to say: it's better burn out, than to fade away.

  4. stenz says:

    I was mentioning to a friend that were it not for the suicide note(s) I would have thought this just an overzealous attempt at removing a tooth.

  5. rcr203 says:

    Actually, it was three ropes.. he had tied off two ends or something. It was in my local paper yesterday, since Union Beach is only two towns away from me.

    They actually have a fairly good seafood restaurant there we go to.

  6. carbonunit says:

    Want more detail. Did the car crash, or did the body pull over and park with some kind of vestigial driving skills?

  7. Isadora Duncan died in a similar manner. She might have been suicidal even though her actual death was probably not intentional. On the other hand she gets style points for an iridescent scarf and a Bugatti roadster.

    • megadog says:

      And of course Albert Camus died while driving a Facel-Vega which in no way deters me from wanting to own one of these automotive beauties some time before I die.

  8. elfasi says:

    There was a similar thing in the UK on BBC news a few years back, so technically the standard was already set. Pretty grisly all the same though..


    • boldra says:

      I recall a couple doing that while I was in high school in Canberra (about 1990). Ropes around their necks and around a tree. The "Cotter Rd" became locally notorious because of it. I also remember the dumb jokes: "let's head off to the Cotter". I'm surprised I can't find anything about it on Google.


  9. nightrider says:

    Dear lord. That's horriffic.

    I hope he was wearing his seat belt.

  10. irma_vep says:

    I am from New Jersey, and this does exceed the ususal suicides of gun shots and hanging. There goes the statehood.

  11. earthman74 says:

    Being American, you may not be aware of the fine work of Chris Morris, British black comedy writer and all-round genius.

    Do yourself the utmost favour of getting hold of the CD "Blue Jam" which features the excellent track "Suicide Journalist", in which a very similar event occurs.


    • autodidactic says:

      You beat me to it. Wish it weren't gauche to post a copy of the .mp3 somewhere. Because I totally would. You know, if it weren't a bad thing to do.