"Dick Cheney took a moment to relieve himself on a copy of the Constitution."

Bob Harris finds:


11 Responses:

  1. gordonzola says:

    now that's funny!

  2. gutbloom says:

    But there COULD be weapons. I mean, in that room there is an agressive program to make weapons... or might be... or, well, never mind.

  3. hahaha. that's awesome. i'm stealing the cheney one for my journal and adding a witty comment.

  4. nightrider says:

    somehow they missed this little jewel:Hail satan!:)

  5. ammitbeast says:

    So... Cheney cuts the cheese and Jenna hails Satan.

    Yup, we're off to a great start creating that new, more moral, faith-based society.