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State Senator Wants Cockfights, with Gloves

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - An Oklahoma senator hopes to revive cockfighting in the state by putting tiny boxing gloves on the roosters instead of razors.

The Oklahoma legislature outlawed the blood sport in 2002 because of its cruelty to the roosters, which are slashed and pecked to death while human spectators bet on the outcome. But State Sen. Frank Shurden, a Democrat from Henryetta and a long-time defender of cockfighting, said the ban had wiped out a $100-million business.

To try to revive it, he has proposed that roosters wear little boxing gloves attached to their spurs, as well as lightweight, chicken-sized vests configured with electronic sensors to record hits and help keep score.

"It's like the fencing that you see on the Olympics, you know, where they have little balls on the ends of the swords and the fencers wear vests," said Shurden. "That's the same application that would be applied to the roosters."

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the pictures, they burn.

fantasygoat would like you to vote on your favorite picture of the year. This is mine:


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Action Figures of Earthly Delights

Hieronymus Bosch action figures:

Also Escher, Dali, and (unexpectedly) a whole bunch of non-surrealists too. Cory says these are for sale, but I don't see any evidence of that.

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