This puts those giant lego constructions to shame:


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Cool photos of Hong Kong highrises: Michael Wolf, Architecture of Density

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alienating your customers is always profitable!

Those of you with Tivo may have noticed an irritating trend that the networks have started, of marking hour long shows as being 61 minutes long in the schedule. That extra minute will make Tivo skip recording a show on another channel that started in the following hour.

ABC is unapologetic. "It's not my job to make it easy for people to leave our network," says ABC scheduling chief Jeff Bader. "Our whole goal is to get people to stay with us from 8 to 11."

Update: In the comments below, a lot of you are missing the point. One problem would be if a show was actually 61 minutes long and marked in the schedule as 60 (then you fail to record the last minute.) The more annoying problem is when the show is actually marked as being 61 minutes long, because that extra minute causes a scheduling conflict in the following time slot. Dual tuners help with this, but only if there are not two things you wanted to record in timeslot two (the 61 minute timeslot one show will bump one of them.)

Tivo currently has no feature that lets you say "stop recording at 9:00pm instead of 9:01pm", except by using "record by time" instead of a season pass subscription, which is bogus in several ways.

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