Eggs Away!

Teens Charged With Airborne Egging

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Two teenagers were arrested on charges they bombed their high school with a bucket of eggs from a low-flying airplane.

During the incident last June, panicked officials evacuated about two dozen people from the top floors of a hotel when the two-seat plane circled low over downtown Gettysburg, then disappeared.

"You hate to think what might have happened -- even unintentionally," prosecutor Brian Sinnett said. He called the prank "one of the most bizarre cases that I've been involved in."

The two Gettysburg High students were arrested last Friday on charges including risking a catastrophe and reckless endangerment. They were caught after telling others about the incident, authorities said. They were not identified because they are juveniles.

During the incident, police tried to signal the plane using flashlights. Fog and darkness prevented authorities from reading the tail number.

The airplane, which belonged to the father of the boy at the controls, apparently landed at a private family airstrip. The boy does not have a pilot's license, Sinnett said.

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